Flex Spending Account

Reminder for 2024:  All employees must re-enroll in the FSA plans through Meditech Staff Gateway.

Please see below for important benefit documents, contact information and more.

In 2024, the maximum benefit is $3,200 for medical and $5,000 for dependent care.  A maximum of $640 can be rolled over into the next plan year (that begins April 1st, 2025).  Reminder: You MUST re-enroll in the FSA & DCA plans if you wish to have account(s) for the 2024 plan year.  To begin a new FSA or continue one from this year, you must enroll in the accounts through Meditech Staff Gateway.

csONE Member Services Contact Information:

csONE Member Services Contact Information:
Phone:  1-888-227-9745 Ext. 2040
Email:  FlexibleBenefits@csONE.com
Website:  www.csONE.com
Fax:  603-224-0230

Document Downloads: